Production | Astir X

The ASTIR X Winery is located on the outskirts of Kalamata, the regional capital of Messinia in the Peloponnese.

The Peloponnese is rightly regarded as the birthplace of Greek wine; vineyards have been spread out across the region since antiquity, as testified by Homer himself. Today, the Peloponnese is the largest wine-growing area in Greece. 

We take the precious fruit for our wines from selected vineyards of this blessed earth.

 Our expert viticultural team is Astir X’s nerve centre. They are the people that over the year, working together with 88 local viticulturists, monitor and look after the whole cultivation of 80 hectares of vineyards in total and from where we take Astir X’s wines’ quality raw material. Our team develops strict viticultural management protocols which are implemented by our partner viticulturists with only one goal in mind:   That the harvest brings a first-class grape from each variety to our Winery.

Selection of the vineyards was made based on getting the optimum performance from each variety in the area’s micro-climate.

That’s how we chose to take:

This tradition of the region has inspired us to love the grape and to get involved in wine from 1932, operating from a small wine press in Kalamata itself. In 1956, the wine press had grown in size, and twenty years later, in 1976, we moved onto our farm outside Kalamata, where we set up our first modern winery.  In 1998, it took on its present form, following the extensions undertaken.

Our winery today is situated on a 1.4 ha site on the outskirts of Kalamata, containing 2,500 m2 of covered space, with wine-presses, vinificators and stainless steel refrigerated tanks with a capacity of 3,000 tons.

 Our wines that permit the ageing process are stored and undergo ageing under ideal conditions in our Cave inside French oak barrels of 220L, which are renewed regularly, while in our cellar our bottles age and settle before being sent to wine lovers to enjoy.

 Inside our winery, we work with great verve as well as excitement in a specially designed space, our very own micro-winery, or ‘garage’ winery where we produce our limited edition labels, experiment with alternative vinification methods, discovering the unknown potentials of our varieties, while at the same time exploring the blends which bring out the best characteristics in our wines.  

We at ASTIR X, living and breathing on our hallowed historic land of Messinia and Peloponnese, have always believed that our ‘children’, our wines, are our ambassadors for our land, the means by which our tradition will reach every corner of the globe.

We strive to impart in our wines the character of Greek and international varieties which thrive in our region and they, in turn, narrate through their labels our country’s marvellous stories.

 That in short is the Winery and the children of ASTIR X.

 More information about them, in your glass.